You might have heard of different snorkel sets on the market today. But have you heard about dry top snorkels?

They are not new to the market but these are special types of snorkels as opposed to the stream lined snorkel sets. Dry top snorkels are an attached part of the mask itself rather than being hanging from the side of the mask.

The main feature of dry top snorkel is it lets minimal to no water into the snorkel. It doesn’t let the water in even when you free dive, scuba dive, or accidentally submerge the snorkel into the water.

The little water that goes in the snorkel tubes is channeled out of the tube preventing your breathing from being interrupted. It is built with a float valve on top of the snorkel that closes when submerged in the water and opens when the snorkel is above the surface.

One of the most reviewed dry top snorkels today is the Promate Snorkeling Mask Fins Dry Snorkel Set. It is a stylish snorkel set that comes in many different colors of your choice.

It is very lightweight so it is convenient for travel. The fins have a soft rubber foot pocket to fit comfortably either with socks or barefoot. The design is open heel so it fits a wide range of foot size.

When it comes to a mask, Promate Snorkeling mask is made of a single lens mask that allows for panoramic views. It comes with an adjust buckle attached to the crystal liquid silicone skirt for more comfortable fit. The dry snorkel is a 100% absolutely dry design and its patented upper valve prevents water from entering.


  • 100% dry top snorkel
  • Single lens mask
  • Open heel fins
  • Nylon mesh bag
  • Panoramic view mask
  • Double edge comfort seal
  • Crystal, liquid silicone mask


  • Lightweight
  • High quality
  • Ideal for medium face mask
  • Clean, unobstructed breathing
  • Easy adjustable strap
  • Prevents jaw fatigue
  • Stylish
  • Affordable


  • Fin straps could break easily


The Promate Snorkeling Mask Fins Dry Snorkel Set is an affordable snorkel set. The mask is made of silicone with single lens mask for panoramic view. It is ideal for medium faces. The fins are open heels and have an easy adjustable strap with release buttons.

The fins also have a rubber foot pocket for your feet to fit comfortably with sock or barefoot. Plus, it comes with dry top snorkel which prevents the water or water splashes from going in the valve.


There are hundreds of snorkel sets on the market today that can almost match the Promate Snorkeling Mask Fins Dry Snorkel Set. One of these is the Phantom Aquatics Adult Speed Sports Mask Fin Snorkel set. It is also stylish and comes in different colors.

It allows you to swim twice the speed without exerting much effort. It has an open heel fin with adjustable straps. The mask is made of liquid silicone skirt for water tight seal. Its snorkel is a semi dry top that prevents the entry of water.

Another snorkel set is the Seavenger Adult and Junior Diving Snorkel Set. Just like the other two snorkel sets, the Seavenger has dry top snorkel as well. The mask is a single lens that also allows panoramic view. The trek fin is ideal for snorkeling.

It might be short in size but it is powerful and will help you move through the water; it is also agile enough that it can be used as a body boarding fin. Aside from being lightweight, its gear bag makes it very portable.

When comparing the three snorkel sets, the Promate Snorkeling Mask Fins Dry Snorkel Set stands out because of its very affordable price and high quality.

It also comes in unique and stylish designs. Its mask has a patented upper valve that keeps water from entering the snorkel.


There must be hundreds of snorkel sets that you might encounter on the market today but this Promate Snorkeling Mask Fins Dry Snorkel Set is one of smartest options.

The set’s mask, fins, and snorkels are made of high quality materials that fit comfortably. You can enjoy most of the underwater view because of its mask’s single lens panoramic view.

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