how to use snorkels

Just thinking of the coming break makes us all jump in excitement. You can finally have the needed free time to do embark on the adventure you have been planning for.

If you’re not one of those afraid of the water then for sure you will enjoy the underwater view. This summer, why not try the newest tropical trend: Snorkeling.

Unlike scuba diving and surfing this underwater recreation is rather easier and takes less effort to enjoy. It is one of the most convenient yet enjoyable summer activities for everyone.

Once you have your snorkel equipment all you need is a few minutes to get used to it. Then, you can have the underwater view to explore as much as you want.

Beginner Basics

If it is your first time trying this activity it is important that you get oriented on how to use snorkels or snorkeling equipment. First thing, try on the snorkel, fins, and vest in shallow waters.

This way you will get a feel of what is likely to happen in lower levels. Sometimes, the water gets inside the mask and many first timers have a hard time removing it.

Make sure that you try them on and make necessary adjustments of the straps and rubber seals. Always clear your hair out of the mask to avoid leaks.

Equipment You Need

There are basically three pieces of equipment needed for snorkeling:

  • Snorkels (including mask)
  • Fins
  • Snorkeling Vest

How to Use Snorkels

The proper way of using a snorkel is by placing it at the left of the mask. Almost all of the snorkels sold in stores today are designed to be placed on the left.

You will know if you wore it properly through the curve of the mouthpiece. When placed on the left of the mask the mouthpiece of the snorkel will feel comfortable and more fitted in your mouth.

When snorkels are worn correctly it will be easy to breathe through it to the point of forgetting you are wearing one.

Snorkelers are only reminded when water gushes through the tube, something to avoid. When using the dry design the tube will close and air won’t be able to come through when it is brought underwater.

How to Use Fins

Fins are the flat paddles you wear on your feet when snorkeling. When your fins are on let them do the job. Do not use your hands to propel as it will produce more resistance.

It will slow you down and is best to place them at the small of your back or in front of you. The best way to use your fins is to walk in a straight-legged style. When you drift, try to walk backwards to the surface of the water.

Your legs must be straight but your knees must not be stiff. It must feel natural. If your knees are bending and feel that you’re going too fast you need to slow down.

How to Use Snorkeling Vests

The snorkeling vest is necessary gear for this activity. With the exception of kids a vest should always be work deflated rather than inflated. The purpose of the vest is for resting and not to be a life jacket.

Water is much denser environment than the air you are used to. With that in mind, try to make your movements slower.

Moreover, this will allow you to enjoy the underwater beauty more. When you are able to kick wider your minimal effort of kicking will let you glide through the water effortlessly.

The more you get familiar with the feeling of the ocean water the more you will feel becoming one with it and knowing how to flow with the sea. Your movements will become more fluid and it will be easier for you to maneuver.

Using snorkels and equipment is not a hard task. Spend some time and you will enjoy the priceless hidden beauty of the world beneath the surface.

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