Breathing through the mouth is a skill that not everyone can do very easily, especially underwater. Snorkeling doesn’t require technical expertise and it is easy to learn but for some, usually beginners, snorkeling is a skill that takes time to get used to. Some people are even paranoid and nervous when they go out there ducking their head in to such a large intimidating body of water.

Good thing is, there is a special kind of snorkel that lets you breathe through your nose or through your mouth just as you would outside the water.

The Aloma Dive Scuba Snorkel Goggle Gopro Diving Mask is a full face snorkeling mask with anti-fog and anti-leak technology and a tubeless design. It is lightweight and comfortable. It is not just stylish but it also makes it easy for snorkelers to breathe exploring the deep. The tubeless design is anti-fog and anti-leak because of its independent dual channel structure; so even if you breathe underwater, any fog buildup or leaks will not occur.

One good thing about the Aloma Dive Scuba Snorkel Goggle Gopro Diving Mask is it fits all faces. It has fully adjustable straps so it conforms to the human face. It also fits perfectly because of its four adjustable elastic headband design. It is made of medical silicone that is free of any toxins, odor, and irritation. With the Aloma Dive Scuba Snorkel Goggle Gopro Diving Mask, snorkelers will have 180 degree of open view.


  • Anti-fog tempered glass
  • Anti-leak
  • 180 degree viewing window
  • Dual sealing design
  • Tubeless design
  • Toxin free
  • Odor free


  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Breathe normally
  • Easily adjusted
  • Wide viewing angle


  • Looks dorky


When it comes to breathing normally while snorkeling, this Aloma Dive Scuba Snorkel Goggle Gopro Diving Mask is the perfect choice. It may appear dorky on the face but this full face snorkeling mask provides great comfort by letting you breathe as normally as you would on land. This full face mask with tubeless design features 180 degrees viewing window so you will be able to explore the underwater environment around you.


There are other full face snorkeling masks available in the market today. One of these is the Seaview 180 Degree Snorkel Mask by WildHorn Outfitters. It features a full face breathing design that makes it easier and comfortable to breathe through your nose or mouth while snorkeling.

It provides a 180 degree viewing angle so you can see most of your underwater surrounding. Worry no more about your mask fogging up or leaking in. It also comes with dry top snorkel technology that prevents water from getting in.

Another good snorkel mask is the Zorroo GoPro Snorkel Mask. It is also a full face mask that features a 180 degrees viewing angle. It is built with an exclusive breath ventilation concept that prevents the mask from fogging. It is easy to use so you spend less time figuring it out and have more time to spend snorkeling.

When it comes to comparing Aloma Dive Scuba Snorkel Goggle Gopro Diving Mask to the other two snorkel masks – the Seaview 180 Degree Snorkel Mask by WildHorn Outfitters and the Zorroo GoPro Snorkel Mask, the difference is with regards to the fit, comfort, material, and price.

In these areas the Aloma Dive Scuba Snorkel Goggle Gopro Diving Mask stands out. It has a broadside dual sealing design that conforms to the human face so it fits perfectly and comfortably. It also helps you breath normally with its independent dual channel structure with tubeless design. Even if you breathe through your nose or mouth inside the mask, it won’t fog up or leak.


Based on the abovementioned features, pros, cons, and comparisons, the Aloma Dive Scuba Snorkel Goggle Gopro Diving Mask is a very affordable full face snorkel mask. It comes with different features such as broadside dual sealing design, tubeless functionality, 180 degree viewing angle, and more that makes it stand out among the other full face snorkel masks.

The most important feature to keep in mind is that it’s made of medical silicone. This kind of silicon is safe, toxin free, odor free, and irritation free. It is also lightweight so it is easy to store and transport.

Now that you know more about this affordable yet comfortable full face snorkel mask, you are ready to get one for yourself and jump in to an ultimate summer getaway. It won’t just help you breath normally underwater, the Aloma Dive Scuba Snorkel Goggle Gopro Diving Mask will help you get used to breathing through the mouth. Happy snorkeling!

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