The Cressi Scuba Diving Mask is a black-themed snorkeling and diving mask is designed with comfort and pleasure in mind.

The mask is unique among other masks because of its frameless design and wide field of vision. Because it’s frameless, anyone can easily fold it flat and store it anywhere without being bothered by the bulk.


Frameless mask

Unique among other masks, the Cressi F1 frameless mask has a lens made of good quality tempered glass, manufactured clear and non-fogging.

This black-themed mask is also very durable, featuring a 100% silicone skirt for a watertight seal around the face.

Wide field of view

This frameless mask offers a panoramic view of the ocean deep since the lens sits close to the eyes.

It allows easy adjustability options with its quick strap adjustment and a push-button buckle directly molded into the skirt to reduce drag and for a more flexible fit.

Fold Flat

The Cressi F1 frameless mask is distinct in its capability to fold flat easily, making it a go-to mask for swimmers who travel a lot and pack light.

Ultra low-volume

The single-lens and frameless design has very low volume which makes it easier to clean in case of flooding. Additionally, because of its low volume, only a little amount of air is needed to empty it out in case of flooding.

Quick Strap Adjustment

Adjusting the strap can be easily and quickly with the strap buckles conveniently attached directly to the skirt. This allows for more lateral, as well as vertical head movement.

With the buckle designed to be located at the skirt, folding the mask flat is possible, greatly reducing the bulk of the whole mask for packing.

Dry Snorkel

This set includes in its package the Cressi Desert Dry Snorkel, the first submersible dry snorkel in the Cressi collection.

The dry top closes automatically when you dive into the water to prevent your snorkel from being flooded.

It has a streamlined tube with ergonomic contouring for breathing easily. A splash guard also eliminates the chance of small amounts of water entering the snorkel.

Hypoallergenic mouthpiece

An angled hypoallergenic silicone mouthpiece is comfortable and flexible inside the mouth.

Purge Valve

A one-way purge valve helps to easily expel water that enters the snorkel. It has a water collection well, with a large elliptic valve for quick and easy removal of water.


  • Because of the frameless design, overall weight is reduced as well as volume for easy removal of water in case of flooding.
  • It can also be folded flat which saves on luggage space during travel and is not bulky if you want to carry it around in your pocket.
  • The mask can effectively seal out water from getting inside even for those who have facial hair, which says a lot about the quality of its watertight seal.
  • Good visibility and a comfortable fit.
  • The push-button buckle provides easy and precise adjustments to fit various head sizes.


  • Some people who reviewed this product complained that the strap was not durable and easily broke down after continued use.
  • A few reviewers also reported that the mask did not fit their face.
  • The nose piece is quite big for some individuals and is not made of soft material.
  • The lens fogged up quickly.

Product Comparison

Product Cressi Scuba Diving Snorkeling Freediving Mask Snorkel Set U.S. Divers Diva 1 Lx / Island Dry Lx/ Trek / Travel Bag Seavenger Diving Snorkel Set- Dry Top Snorkel / Trek Fin / 2-windows Tempered Glass Mask / Gear bag- Blue/Red/Yellow/Black/BS
Price $39.99 $39.45 – $343.98 $32.99-42.99
Amazon Rating 4.4 3.8 3.9


– frameless mask with lens made of tempered glass

– mask with ultra-low volume design

– dry-top snorkel with one-way purge valve

– soft, silicone mouthpiece with flex tube

– includes snorkel holder

– includes carry on plastic bag

– single lens mask made of tempered glass

– low profile single lens design with feminine features

– hypoallergenic silicone face skirt

– Snorkel with Pivot Dry Technology and full flex section with purge valve

– Trek fins with dual-composite fin blade for speed and power, with soft and comfortable foot pocket and adjustable strap

– dual-lens mask with tempered glass lens

– dry-top snorkel with one-way purge valve and full flex section

– silicone mouthpiece

– includes snorkel holder

– includes mesh-plastic drawstring storage bag

– trek fins with adjustable straps and swivel buckles

Overall BEST

Overall Best: Cressi Scuba Diving Snorkeling Freediving Mask Snorkel Set

The Cressi F1 Frameless snorkel set offers a more portable option since it can be folded flat. Additionally, it offers an unobstructed view of your surroundings which is great considering its price.


The Cressi Scuba Diving Snorkeling Freediving Mask Snorkel Set is a good set to consider since it’s made by a well-known brand and it’s also affordable.

The frameless design is both stylish and convenient since you can fold it up flat, very portable and easy to pack up for individuals who are always on the go.

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