When you go snorkeling, you depend on three products to give you an optimal experience in the water—your mask, fins and snorkel. You want this equipment to be sturdy and safe, and to provide features that will offer comfort and safety while you are in the water.

You want a mask that will seat properly on your face and which will provide a seal to prevent water from seeping in—you don’t want to have to frequently stop your snorkeling excursion to remove excess water from inside your mask.

Adjustable straps should allow you to comfortably situate the mask on your head. Your snorkel should allow you easy breathing and also provide features that will prevent water from being inhaled should the snorkel become submerged at any time.

Strong, powerful fins will offer you mobility in the water with minimal effort, and should be comfortable on your feet. Throw in a gear bag that provides room for not only your mask, fins and snorkel, but other items you might want to take with you to the beach as well, and you have a great combination product.


  • Includes—mask, fins, dry snorkel, gear bag
  • Mask—Two-window mask with flexible silicone face skirt which prevents leakage
  • Snorkel—submersible snorkel with Pivot Dry Technology.
  • Dual-composite fin blades for supreme snap, power, and styling
  • Adjustable fin strap and comfortable foot pocket


  • For snorkelers with average to larger faces, the sealing surface of the silicone skirt provides a tighter seal
  • Pinch ‘n Pull Pro Glide buckle system provides 2 ways to adjust silicone mask strap
  • Above average horizontal and vertical fields of vision
  • Vertical swivel feature on the buckles proved a better range of strap placement on the head
  • Pivot Dry Technology will close off snorkeling tube should it go completely under water, and will open when you resurface
  • The silicone mouthpiece has a one-way purge valve at the base of the snorkel
  • Snorkel is designed to follow the natural curve of your head.
  • Blades of the fins are wider to compensate for the shortened 15” length
  • Fins have a barefoot design with adjustable, replaceable straps.
  • Mesh panel on the gear bag allows for ventilation and water drainage.
  • Size of bag will accommodate other items in addition to the mask, fins and snorkel


Product reviewers have raised the following issues:

  • Broke apart first time it was used
  • Fins are horrible
  • Mask strap cinch clip broke off on the first tryout
  • While the snorkel, goggles and fins are fine, the adjusting mechanism (latches) is way too flimsy.
  • Flimsy mask, uncomfortable fins
  • Flipper broke while trying it on


Over all, this is a basic set for snorkeling. The mask, fins, snorkel and gear bag all have some terrific features, but customer reviews are mixed, with complaints mostly about the quality of the material, mostly used in the straps and latches.


  • Dry-Top Snorkel & Diving Mask Set Watertight & Anti-Fog Lens Easy Adjustable Strap & Waterproof Carry Case by ProDive.

This is a pretty decent alternative to the snorkel set reviewed above. It has similar features with similar pricing. However, the bag on this snorkel set is water proof if that matters to you.

  • Cressi Rocks Kids Mask, Snorkel & Fins Snorkel Set by Cressi

This is one of the best products on the market for kids It is pretty high quality with a comfortable design.


You should never buy snorkeling or dive gear that your life will depend on without inspecting it, or trying it on first. Always try out the gear before actually using it in the open sea, for safety’s sake you don’t want to find yourself quite a distance from shore with a broken mask strap or a leaky mask.

The Aqua Lung Admiral Mask, Fin, Dry Snorkel Set with Snorkeling Gear Bag provides a good four-way product with some impressive features that can be used as you explore what’s beneath the sea while snorkeling.

Customer reviews have been mixed, with some quality issues relating to the materials of straps and latches, but overall, the consensus is that the Aqua Lung is a good buy for your money.

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